High Pressure Pipe Type Cable Accessories

Accessories for HPFF/HPPT Cable Systems 69 kV - 345 kV

hvGrid-tech is a market leader in design and manufacture of cable accessories and technical solutions for high pressure fluid filled (HPFF)/high pressure pipe type (HPPT) cable systems offering a complete range of accessories from 69kV to 345kV with over 50 years of successful operating history.

hvGrid-tech originated as the EHV Cable Accessory Division of Canada Wire & Cable (CW&C) in the early 1960’s and has continued to develop, manufacture and supply high voltage cable accessories worldwide as a primary supplier or on an OEM replacement basis.

As a competence centre for HPFF/HPPT cable system accessories and technical services, hvGrid-tech supports and enables HPFF/HPPT cable system operators to maximize the performance and operating life of their cable systems. Our HPFF/HPPT cable accessory offerings include a complete range of joints, terminations, trifurcating assemblies, semi-stop assemblies, and miscellaneous ancillary components.

hvGrid-tech’s accessory designs can be tailored to work on any HPFF/HPPT cable, and hence can serve as replacement or spare parts for any HPFF/HPPT cable system applications regardless of the original cable and/or accessory manufacturer. All hvGrid-tech cable accessories are supplied with comprehensive and detailed installation instructions, which can be supplied in a variety of languages to suit the specific market requirements.

HPFF-HPPT Accessories
Accessories for HPFF/HPPT Cable systems include:

Normal Joints

  • Conductor sizes up to 4500 kcmil
  • Stranded and segmental conductors
  • Aluminum and copper conductors
  • Electrical Kraft paper or PPLP insulation
  • Custom joints for dissimilar cable cross sections and conductor sizes
  • Custom extended body joints to replace failed/damaged joints


  • Outdoor or GIS Type
  • Stranded and segmental conductors
  • Aluminum and copper conductors
  • Stress cone or condenser cone
  • Custom baseplates to match any existing mounting designs c/w integrated semi-stop assemblies

Miscellaneous Components

  • Trifurcating assemblies — with or without joints
  • Joint casings
  • Bi-metallic stems
  • Impregnated paper rolls

To learn more about High Pressure Pipe Type Cable Accessories, please download the PDF Brochure.

ORI Certified

hvGrid-tech is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company.
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