High Pressure Pipe Type Cable Accessories

Joints for HPFF/HPPT Cable Systems 69 kV - 345 kV

hvGrid-tech designs and manufactures Joints for High Pressure Fluid Filled/High Pressure Pipe Type (HPFF/HPPT) cables based upon a proven design with over 50 years of service around the world in operating voltage from 69 kV up to 345 kV.

All hvGrid-tech standard design Normal Joints and Trifurcating Joints are designed to meet IEEE Standard 404 requirements for a wide range of standard and custom applications, and can be supplied with steel joint casings and reducing flanges to meet any installation configuration.

Three Conductor Normal Joint Assembly
Three Conductor Trifurcating Joint Assembly

To learn more about High Pressure Pipe Type Cable Accessories, please download the PDF Brochure.

ORI Certified

hvGrid-tech is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company.
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